Dental Myths

Dental Myths

Dental Myths

Here are some of the most common dental myths:

  • Brushing before the dental appointment will make the dentist not notice that regular brushing is not done since the last dental visit. Not following the recommended two-minute brushing twice daily will make the gums red, swollen and bleed easily, making it obvious to the dentist. There’s no way the dentist will not know that the patient is not brushing regularly.


  • Whiter Teeth Are Healthier Teeth. Your teeth may be white but this cannot show if there is an infection or cavities between the teeth.


  • Having the wisdom teeth removed will prevent crowding of the teeth. If pain or discomfort is felt with the emerging wisdom teeth, a dental visit is necess


  • The more you brush the healthier your teeth will be.


  • The More Sugar You Eat, The Worse Off Your Teeth. Sugar is bad for your teeth, but it’s not actually the sugar that is hurting them. If you don’t consume sugar but have poor oral hygiene habits, you will be prone to the same decay. Bacteria in the mouth needs processed sugar to survive.


  • Flossing Is Not Important. Flossing is an extra step many of us tend to skip after brushing our teeth but this can lead to the build-up of bacteria.

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