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We understand that people have very busy lives so we created a list of key steps to take before you come. By reviewing your candidacy for different procedures ahead of time, you can make the best decisions before you arrive.

Most people are good candidates for aesthetic dentistry procedures and planning ahead can help you avoid any difficulties and prepare you for a successful visit.

Please fill out our contact form. This will help us begin to get to know your personal case. If you have already filled out this information, please follow the instructions below for photography submission.

Please send us the following photographs and be sure to include close-up photos taken at the following angles:

  • Full mouth close
  • Full mouth smiling
  • Profile mouth closed
  • Profile mouth smiling
  • Close up teeth with lips retracted
  • Front view entire face relaxed

As soon as we receive your email, we can begin planning your personal cosmetic dental treatment.  Any questions you may have will be answered promptly.

Let us know your availability and fill out the medical history form.  We will arrange your appointments so you can be on your way to a healthier and happier you!

*** It would be best to set up all their appointments before hand as part of their itinerary so they can feel assured and secure, especially if they are travelling from another country.

For any other info contact us at:

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