Periodontitis: Symptoms and Treatment

Periodontitis: Symptoms and Treatment

Periodontitis: Symptoms and Treatment

Periodontitis is a disease which frequently occurs in patients who are unaware that they suffer from this or confuse the occurrence of gingivitis. The purpose of this article is to inform you properly about the symptoms and treatment of this disease.

How can you understand that you are suffering from periodontitis

Visit your dentist if you are experience any of the following symptoms: bleeding gums, bad breath, swelling and intense redness in the gums, tooth mobility, teeth that grows, moving or thin, gums “retreat.”

What causes periodontal disease?

Poor oral hygiene, age, smoking, heredity, systemic diseases such as diabetes, immunosuppression.

What is the treatment of periodontitis?

The early stage of periodontal treatment involves cleaning by a dentist and proper brushing.

In advanced periodontitis will need periodontal therapy consisting of cleaning of pockets.

In severe cases of periodontitis treatment is surgical.

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