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Athens, Greece  is one of the most amazing and historical cities in the world! Enjoy yourself while experiencing the many remarkable ancient sites, dine on superbly prepared delicious traditional Greek cuisine and enjoy the dazzling night life of the modern city.

Imagine having all this while at the same time becoming more radiant and youthful with Dr. Tabourakis miraculous cosmetic dentistry. Your holiday’s have never been so wonderful because not only can you bring home fantastic memories and beautiful souvenirs, you will have an incredible ”new you” to bring home as well! What could be better than combining the holiday of a lifetime with achieving the smile of your dreams?

Our dental clinic is located in the center of Athens, close to many excellent hotels and fine restaurants and with FREE PARKING for our patients. Also, it is nearby to the metro, bus lines and taxi stands for easy and convenient access. If you need any help for arranging your stay, we can suggest you hotels nearby to our dentistry.